left ESB gauntlet balance?


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Greetings Fetts,

Here's another gauntlet question for you. The flamethrower on my ESB left gauntlet is a lttle heavy and makes the gauntlet left side heavy. Does anyone put anything inside the right side of the gauntlet to balace it better? I thought about pounding some lead fishing weights flat and hot gluing them on the right side on the inside. What does everyone think? :D Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.
I've seen the foam inserts which work well,or snaps on the gauntlet and jumpsuit.

Mine is weighing in at around five pounds.Aluminum flamethrower,aluminum rocket and I lined the inside with 2" aluminum flatbar for strength........I'll have Popeye forearms just holding it up. :lol:
My old RA flamethrower was heavy and would rotate on me. I just stuff some foam in the top so it would force the bottom up and fit snug.
I got some "weather strip" from my local hardware store. It's a foam strip with adhesive on it that you use to stop drafts coming in doors etc.

Just stuck it into the inside of the gauntlets :)
Yeah, I used that black weather stripping too, but they didn't have the kind that stuck, so I used hot glue. The left one is quite left heavy though. I'm sure I'll figure something out. If all of you are trooping without a problem, I'm sure I can too. It's just that I have very thin forearms. :(

John Barrows, Jr.
I made my own flamethrower too, but it seems from my test wearing, that with the foam it doesn't roll too bad. I also trimmed mine down and made them fit very tightly before I added the foam.

Also, on my right gauntlet, on the side launcher, I added aluminum panels to it, instead of white stickers or paint. This made it heavier too, but the foam works good for it as well.
What I have done now to make the left gauntlet not roll, is I put foam weather stripping material on the top and bottom of the inside of my gauntlet. It now hold rather snuggly and I don't think I will have any further difficulty. Thanks for all of your comments and help. :D

John Barrows, Jr.
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