Le1120's Boba Fett RotJ gauntlets scratch build

Discussion in 'Prop Building Workshop' started by le1120, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. PapaFett

    PapaFett Member

    I only suggested it because this isn't an extremely inticate mold. Your best bet would still be the silicone mold just because of the small recessed areas at the front (the whole for the led, etc.). But I make fiberglass molds when I cast parts for motorcycles such as seats or covers for a hot surface. It's good for making carbon fiber parts, which I doubt you'll make carbon fiber gauntlets but HEY! You never know right?;)
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  2. le1120

    le1120 Member

    PapaFett I'll have to explore that technique.

    I've been working on these quite aggressively, I hope they'll be ready to mold real soon. I got machined parts for detail areas and so on so some awesome stuff should be be about to burst its cover!
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  3. germany

    germany New Member

    I think I've been trying to build these things using the wrong medium.
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  4. hvacdon

    hvacdon Jr Member

    Awesome stuff !! Looking forward to the next post !!
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  5. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Still trying to get the hang of the new software...not sure if there's an in-between option between the full-size image and thumbnail.

    Here ya go! Stuff isn't finished but it's getting close. I plan to offer these as either fully finished armor pieces or kits, but the material will be resin reinforced with fiberglass since I don't have a vacuforming table, as yet.

    Also, I have gotten a working flamethrower made to go inside the ROTJ housing for my personal costume. That will be unveiled at a later time, perhaps....







  6. RealMatix

    RealMatix Member

    Very clean work! Your fingers must hurt from sanding :D
  7. le1120

    le1120 Member

    You bet...still not perfect either, LOL. :eek: Gonna get there soon (I hope) :D
  8. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Honestly man I just go with what I have and what will deal with the beating. Cardboard and a mixture of sintra and styrene seems to be working for me, but I tried just styrene once and it failed miserably structurally.
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  9. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty New Member

    Very cool scratch build. I just got a mq-1 calculator also. I'll try not to break it...
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  10. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Be careful with that baby!

    Anyways here's a sneak peek of my little project with the left gauntlet....

    Screenshot 2017-09-25 22.21.21.png
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  11. robotzo

    robotzo New Member

    Oh my
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  12. Kdogg211187

    Kdogg211187 Jr Member

    That'll be interesting getting that in Cons lol
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  13. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Hahahaha. For sure...although I never plan to bring this to conventions, even if they didn't explicitly say something about it. Mostly I'm making it for my personal satisfaction and the sheer coolness factor :D
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  14. Kdogg211187

    Kdogg211187 Jr Member

    Have you seen the trailer for "Science and Star Wars"? One of those little webisodes will be Boba Fett centered and deal with a wrist mounted flamethrower.
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  15. le1120

    le1120 Member

    I will definitely have to check that out!! (y)

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