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Mikey Fett

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Even after research I'm still a little confused :)

This right ?

1. MLC Buick Head
2. MSH2 Larger than MSH & MH
DP97 MLC2 average head
DP 95,96 average head

Trying to fit 2 fans and servo along with my 24" inch head in the Helmet.
I'm 6ft1 175lbs if it matters.

The reason I ask 1-3 is because it takes a while to find one of these helmets if every.

Been told to stay away from DP97 because of the work it needs. Warps easily, Flat top, Sides are straight.

And Couple quotes from Jodo_Kast and Well Paid Killer

<font color="#00FF00">Well Paid Killer

<font color="#00FF00"> Quote : Jodo_Kast
For an average sized head, a DP 95 or 96 will do the trick. Not a lot of extra room but okay.
For us larger nuggeted peeps, you'll need to go for a Mystery helmet or a MSH, MSH 2 or if you've got a 57" Buick on your neck like me, you'll need an MLC helmet.

<font color="#00FF00"> Quote : Jodo_Kast
The MLC2 is pretty close in some ways to that DP97

<font color="#00FF00"> Quote : Jodo_Kast 3
Just remember, The MLC is much bigger than the DP Deluxe that I have

Thanks for any help on this

btw: I have no problems with my Trooper helmet, fits great

how important is it to get the right size helmet to fit your body type though? I mean aint no way I could wear that big huge helmet, I would look like bobble head fett.

21" head.
The main thing is being able to look at the floor. If the bottom of the helmet touches your chest - it's too big. (men only of course :))

I'm 5'11" and 210 lbs - the MLC is perfect. There are a few accuracy changes I would recommend but size wise it's a good fit.
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