Knee dart help

Ronin Jag

I've got the armor pieces for the knees, I'm just looking for some suggestions on how to construct the darts that go on the outsides of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here is knee darts via Chris's web page.

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Or go to home depot, buy the small diameter PVC in 2 sizes that can be inserted into each other, cut, sand, glue attach. As for the cone...this is sweet...truly sweet...cake decoration section at grocery store. Little cans of frosting with the decorator is a perfect cone, with a tiny hole in the tip to boot!

$7 bucks max and you can suck-off the can of frosting! Look at me! I am frosting face...give me some candy! Yay SUGAR!

Paint with Krylon Chrome! then spray with wiper fluid and flat black testors!
Bigaboy...I did mine similar to that, but I used nickel-plated spacers. I had to dremel them some so I coudl slip them inside each other, but no painting afterward.

For the pointed one, I used a brass fitting nipple adaptor thingee, spray painted silver.
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