knee armor keeps breaking...


hey guys,

my knee armor keeps breaking on the sides, b/w the main front part that covers my knee and the sides, when I bend my knees... "so don't bend your knees!" yeah, well, that doesn't work. I want to use some kind of rubber and place it b/w the 2 pieces so that when I do bend at the knees, the side piece can bend outwards...

but what material should I use? has anyone done this?



edit: my spelling sux


I did a search and I did find a thread... ppl recomended using 1/8in aluminum as a brace... but I don't have access to a vice to bend aluminum and besides, that wouldn't really solve my flexibility problem


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What kind of knee armor do you have? Vac-formed? Fiberglass?
I'm curious about this now, cuz I'm in the process of putting together some vac-formed knees.


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Fett prop artist said:
fiberglass wouldnt break, would it?

Fiberglass can be brittle if you use too much resin. This makes the part too rigid and well, like the thread states, parts will break.