General Keeping Knee Armor in place


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My ROTJ Boba Fett is almost 100% Bobamaker. I guess I have skinny knees, but even tightening the elastic on the knee armor, they slip under my knees. Just look for the best ideas for keeping them over or at least right below the knee caps. I am thinking a velcro patch in the center and stick it to an exact spot on my flight suit?


Yep, Velcro on the knee cap on the flight suit plus the elastic strap. Some folks add snaps or Velcro to the sides on the flight suit, too, but I didn’t find that to be necessary. I don’t have huge legs either.


I have velcro on the kneecap sewed on by a tailor. Made sure it was right below where my knee bends so if I used the armor it would actually protect my knee/upper shin since they aren't flexible.

I also hot glued velcro on both the inside and outside of the elastic straps and hand sewed a piece velcro on my outer knee to make sure it stays straight and didn't droop from the weight of the metal darts.

I taped over the darts inside the knee piece with some clear packaging tape to be able to put velcro on the inside as well on a flat surface.

If you need photos of this let me know. It's never failed me in my 5 troops!
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