Jumpsuit sleeves


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Hi all

I have just purchased a boilersuit to convert into a jumpsuit. I have a query though which i hope someone may be able to answer. Where the sleeves are seperated just above the elbow, how is this usually accomplished with a one piece sleeve? and if it is just folded under do the gaunlet hoses pass through the fold up into the upper part of the sleeve?

Sorry for being vague on my description, hope you all understand what i am trying to say.


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A good way to do it, is to get 2 suits, one long sleeved the other short sleeved. cut the arms off the long sleeved suit and sew them into the insides of the short sleeved suits arms. This will give you the short sleeve over a long sleeve look that the flightsuit requires. The hose then goes up the short sleeve and is sewn into place.
Hope that helps.


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That certainly has pointed me in the right direction. Whilst i only have a single suit i think i can cut and extend the arms in a way that will give me the correct look whilst hiding the additional material. :) problem sorted thanks