Jumpsuit run intrest thread


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Jumpsuit run intrest thread READY FOR SECOND RUN 9-7

I have complete this last run of suits...If you bought a suit from me within the last 2 weeks its done and on its way..
I just ordered more material so if anyone wants a suit lmk...I have the rotj,ESB,Prepro and jango suit colors available.
I prefer direct email at skygunbrojpw@yahoo.com as I forget to check PMs here but do check email several times a day.Thanks
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Also wanted to add if you prefer to send your own material that is fine.
I use a nice pre-shrunk medium weight cotton with very accurate colors..but some prefer doing them in a heavier twill...so if you want to send your own material that is fine.
It take approx.5 yards to do a suit up to a large anything bigger than that I would send at least an extra yard or 2 i have no problem mailing back left over material...And remember if you want belt bags,ankle spats,neck seals or vest those all require more material.....


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Anybody sitting on the fence right now about buying a suit, get one of these. IMO the best available, SGB is a stand up guy (ask anyone)(y)

Jango 5204

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Anybody sitting on the fence right now about buying a suit, get one of these. IMO the best available, SGB is a stand up guy (ask anyone)(y)

2nd THAT!!(y) Very easy to work with and really cares about the customers. Really puts out a nice product and is willing to work with you to get it right!!! Couldn't be happier with the communication and level of service!(y)


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One of the main questions is "whats the turnaround time?"
Basically my wife and I sew these. We have industrial machines and sergers so we can make them fairly quick but not overlooking quality..If its something i wouldnt wear i wont send it to you...
Basically I have to do it first come first serve...generally it takes about a week and a half to make and ship out the suit...this also depends on order load.If your 5th in line yours would take a little longer...but usually never more than 2 weeks tops....
I do 6 suits to a run..this allows me to get them done and out in the time frame quoted.....It also depends on how soon i get your measurements..If your first but you take a few days to get me your measurements then I have to go on to the person who has provide me with theirs...Like I said though it never goes more than a couple weeks tops...any other question fell free to post here Ill try and answer as best as I can certain info i would prefer to answer through email thanks-


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Just to make it easyer on folks... if someone has the measurment list of what to measure for SGB post it. I think I got that list from Laan

But I cant find it. :lol:

BTW, I have a SGB jumpsuit and I love it!!!


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I got the list -
here it is

1. Waist (around hips)
2. Belly (around back over belly button)
3. Torso (from base of neck to groin)
4. Neck (around)
5. Arm (from shoulder tip to wrist) & (from armpit to wrist on inside of arm).
6. Shoulders (from tip to tip across back/shoulder blades..NOT on top of shoulders)
7. Inseam (inside of leg from groin to ankle)
8. Bicep (around bicep making a muscle)
9. Upper thighs (around largest part of your leg near groin)
10. Chest (around back over breast)
11. Booty ( around butt over pubic bone in front)
PLease make sure these measurements are done with a cloth tape measure and double check them to make sure they are accurate before submitting them to me.These measurements will be used to customize your suit to fit you better.If going to a tailor please let them know you are buying a jumpsuit and not a suit as they measure diffrently for suit versus jumpsuits...And lastly please DO NOT add any to your measurements as we will do that here to compensate for bending stretching etc...Thanks


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Email sent.


Awwwwwwww... Damn... I didn't realize that they are custom. I'll have to get a cloth tape and get back to you with my measurements, but I definitely want in on the next run.


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