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Well I finally got my Judge Dredd helmet...only took 32 years.....I am really pleased...putting it on for the first time was great.....I have thrown it up on the stand i normally reserve for my Ex-Bobamaker Jango helmet so excuse the pics!!



Oh and the shape is spot on...something very difficult to do when transfering from 2D to 3D.
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Awesome you got the old version and not the movie one.
Have you heard about the new film/s that might be made in the not too distant future, they say they/it will be more faithful to the comics.
Ive always wanted a dredd movie version helmet, and i have worked on a couple ,but they haven't come out as nice as i would like ( yours looks great btw)
That looks like a Sloopyjon Dredd lid, modelled of Steve Dillons artwork for the comic if I recall. It's a very nice helmet nontheless. I'm a big Dredd fan as I've been reading the comics for about 27 years. Shame the Stallone's version sucked #*$%#* on so many levels and I'd waited 16 years before that movie was finally released. If those other movie plans ever come to fruition lets hope they get it right.
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