Jojofett95’s RS ESB Hero Helmet WIP - Painted/restoration by Blaidonprops


Hi Guys,

I’m starting this thread, to document this awesome project. My helmet is a RS props 2nd gen, white cast, which will be restored to a ESB Hero appearance.The helmet will be painted by the talented Blaidonprops (using ArchiveX enamel paint).

The helmet will be completed using original found parts, which includes :

: Polaroid Sx-70 lens
: Casio MQ-1 board with lower Perspex
: Sidewinder visor clips
: Elstree Borden connector
: RS Hero Aluminum ears
: Terminal Fettler v2.0 Topper
: Jc27 Honeywell light kit
: JB climbing helmet guard (addition of correct webbing and string).
: vintage British riot helmet chin cup & strap
: Funkyred ESB Hero deacls/ stencil set

That completes the full helmet kit. Photo’s will follow, as Lewis completes his current commissions.
This has been a incredible journey, joining this community late last year. I’m super excited to start this project, with more amazing creations, made by this awesome community to come.

This is the way..


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I thought I would update this thread, as progress has moved steadily on my ESB hero helmet. Blaidonprops has finished the restoration on the 2nd gen RS helmet, Lewis has truly out done himself. The back panel has been completed, swiftly moving onto the dome and front mandibles. More updates to come as the project is nearing completion.
Paint job using ArchiveX enamels.