Jodo Kast XII... Belt accessory update

Jodo Kast 3

Well-Known Hunter

I talked to my caster and he`s still working on them. No worries. As soon as I get them, I`ll send yours off to ya. I did`nt forget. I`ll keep you updated.


Just talked to him again and they`re pretty much done. I`ll be shooting you a pm in a couple of days.
How goes putting the belt accessories together?

Yo JK3,

I'm waiting to get all parts before attempting the belt. That includes that last part, and the pouches. So haven't really started on them yet. However my armor is well on the way to looking good(via Blastech's magic)
Awww come on Sergio...

There can never be too many of us!!!

And I was laughing my butt off with the whole mahnamahna skit from the muppet show!!! That rocks!!!!

Muhahhaha...little does Sergio know that soon the ranks of Jodo Kast followers will multiply ten fold, then there will be....3 of us!!! Muahah...*goes to take medication*
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