JetPack Missle tutorial


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There's not one. Trust me. Nowhere that I've seen on this board. Your best bet is to get the templates from the link that asok provided above and try scracthbuilding one or learn to use a wood lathe.

I myself, since I can't get home til May to use my Dad's lathe, have been paying really close attention to the shapes of containers you see in everyday life. At home, at stores, at work. You would be surprised if you study things how much you start to think, "Well...if I cut this bottle here and here it would look exactly like that part of the rocket..."


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Hi, I just finishing mi JP, I don´t have a tutorial, but all you have to do with the WOF templates is print, cut, and shape with a hotgun...later I will upload some pics of my missile....
if you have any particular question, I can help you, just ask....