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Hello Fellow Fett's,
I was curious about the Jetpack Harness. When it comes to comfort I would think that the MoW Studios version would be comfier than the US Divers rig, yeah? I'm not looking to get 501st approval, as I'm simply looking to put together a rockin' ROTJ Fett costume. But even if I was looking for 501st approval at some point, it looks like I wouldn't be able to get that "Level 2 Certification". That's where they talk about US Divers buckles, etc. That diving rig just looks really uncomfortable as opposed to the MoW Setup. (See below)

Jet Pack Harness Comparison.jpg

What are your guys' thoughts?



I had a similar debate recently. After chats with some other Fetts and my local garrison they raised some very valid points. Take into consideration:
Weight distribution
Stoping the pack from bumping into you
Security/stability of load
Reduce back strain

Based on their feedback I decided to go with the diving harness configuration. It will stop the pack bumping into you. Give stability to the load. Allow you to adjust the load distribution more evenly. Also hopefully prevent killing the back.


If you use the MOW or soft harness there may be greater chance for the jet pack to follow the tilt of your back (when seen from the side) and
not be vertical. This will in time as you wear it cause pull-back causing your back armor, through the shoulder connection, to pull the collar
armor into your neck.Not an uncommon problem.With the hard frame you can pad the lower frame in the small of your back to hold it out and be vertical with your shoulders. Won't show when suited up. No pull back. Worked well for us. Pics on our sight- The Builder ESB Build. Good luck!
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