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full metal fett

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20131202_163045.jpg Now making hardware again in my home shop now, very excited to have my own kit and space now.

Divers buckles available in US Divers style for regular Fett and square tab Pre Pro 1, Supertrooper and touring costume style.

X shape triglide adjusters for that extra authentic touch to the belt.

The hooks and clips are laser cut and folded from 1.5mm thick 304 grade stainless steel. The hooks have the correct rolled detail to the top edge and the holes are counter sunk to accept the supplied screws. The lower clips have the screw section welded in place to give the screen accurate appearance.

Hook and Clips are supplied with all the screws, nuts ,washers and backing plates.

Also available are square rings for the hook. Made from 3.2mm diameter stainless steel and welded closed.

Hook and ring size is the fit the correct 1.5 inch or 38mm wide white cotton webbing of the harness and the clips are sized to fit over a 1/8 inch or 3mm wide bar on the bottom of the harness.

prices are
Buckles $37.50
Belt x shaped triglide adjuster $17.50

flat rate $10 shipping.

UK customers contact me for prices

I ship on FRIDAY's. Shipping is NOT tracked,so don't ask for tracking numbers. Tracked post from the UK costs a lot,its cheaper for me just to replace anything that goes missing.

Please include your screen name what you've ordered and shipping address in the paypal message.


many thanks FMF

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full metal fett

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As you can see the bobamake jetpack had a much bigger hatch. The top hooks would fit over the slot/holes on the Bobamaker pack or they would have to be filled in with a little bondo.

The idea on the Bobamaker pack is to feed a webbing strap and rivet through the holes to secure it. Simple effective but not SA
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