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JD Jango Bucket completed...

Mostly completed JD Jango bucket...;)
Needs new T-visor(dont ask...:angry ) and a little touching up...

JD...you bucket rocks!:thumbsup: ...unfortunately, so did my hand when shaping the T-Visor:lol:o :lol: ...

The pic looks a little wobbly now ive resized it and it has taken away from some of the detail...especially the pinstriping... that is actually very fine and straight as a die... altered pic makes it look rubbish:confused ..LOL!:lol:

Thanks for looking and what do you all think?..

Ps: now off to turn my Rubie's Jango into the fruit bowl it was intended to be...:lol: :lol: :lol:
Pss..Undistorted photo added underneath...
Psss...extra photos added to show how it looks in darker conditions on display...




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Wow . . I think you did a better job than myself! The visor looks straight and I know it is a pain in the Tookus! Whew! Let me tell you!
Kudos to you my friend! :)
Thanks all for the comments...:)

JD... the flash gave the diamonds a bright look for some reason...
otherwise they are dirty as hell!:lol: ... I got carried away with the weathering for a while, but I like it better now!

Mirax H...
It is auto pinstriping and not the large/thick one but the thinner of the "double" pinstripe. (not 1/8" but 1/6" )
Unfortunately, like I mentioned above, the photo resize has given the look of the bucket as a whole ...a "wobble/stretch"...:confused
an easy asumption to make, but trust me...the pinstripe is thin auto pinstriping, dead straight and looks spot on....;)

Ill get a better pic up shortly...

Cheers for the comments people and have added a resized and undistorted photo underneath original to show that the pinstripes are actually straight looking auto-pinstriping...;)


Hey, I'm new around here but that is a lovely looking helmet and a great paint job as well, those shots above just look dead on from whare I'm sat. Is the JD lid the one that you guys would recommend?

If it helps I'm 6ft tall , around 175lbs .

If anyone fancies sending me a PM to give some advice that would be great


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