For Sale JC27 Wireless Servo Kit/Unimax Switches/Molex Connectors

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I have a number of items to clear out, build up some funds. Prices do not include shipping, I'll combine it for multiple purchases.

Unimax Swtiches: $50 Each (3 Available)
JC27 Wireless Servo Kit (Not sure of the version): $185
Molex Connectors (Modern): $5 each (3 Available)

Casio MQ-1 Keypad/Battery Cover: $50 (SOLD)
Tasco 15x30mm Telescope: $75 (SOLD)
Revell Connecting Rods: $7 Each (SOLD)
Dental Files: $5 each (SOLD)
MDF PP2 Helmet Cast #10: $225 (I'm including some free ears/Metal RF Stalk, as the casts didn't come with them. The Lower Right Ear is a bit short, so you might want to replace) (SOLD)
Michell Sweep Arm (w/box): $200 (SOLD)
JJ Industries Aluminum Bandolier Cylinder Kit: $54 (SOLD)
JJ Industries Aluminum Shin Cylinder Kit V4: $52 (SOLD)
JJ Industries Aluminum Knee Dart Kit: $27 (SOLD)
Woodchuck Mandalorian Pistol: $200 (SOLD)

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SOLD Items marked, all others still available.

I'll consider reasonable offers on the others, I need to get them moved.
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