Jaster Mereel's W.I.P. SideArm (PICS!!!)

Jaster Mereel

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I had some time to take some quick progress pics of my SideArm Blasters. I still need to add the scopes & weather'em up a bit more then they are, but not to much like the Rusty Rifle - didn't get a chance to tone that down either :p Sorry if the pics came out a bit blurry, I had to resize them from being to big -





Jaster Mereel

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:rolleyes.... on & off :D, I just thought I'd go a TAD out of the comic & more into my visual thoughts on how I'd like'em to look - but sooner or later I'll make sure I make the correct version. This is Version 1.0 :p


Very nice blasters. You can definately see the squirt-gun heritage! Good job on being resourceful. I bet if some con-artist tried to sell a kit for those it would be at least $100. Scratch is defiately the way to go.