Jaster Mereel\'s Armor upgrades! COMPLETE...finally....

Jaster Mereel

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Jaster Mereel's Armor upgrades! COMPLETE...finally....

Just recieved my new Jaster Armor pieces yesterday. Their done, the Thighs & Spats are complete - I still need to paint the Shins but that is tomorrow :D Enjoy!





This is when I added a black covering over the half the battle damage, for the effect of a more older/beat up look -


Courtesy of CBT Fett :D -
THose outta do nicely! Perhaps a bit too weathered for my taste, but very nicely done indeed! Great job, & you really have an incredible suit going! :thumbsup: Gonna post pics w/ your whole suit, (including these new parts?)
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To much weathering, is not enough weathering.. :D

I'll post new pic of my new parts with them all on, so stay tuned
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Everything is done & with pics, Thighs, Spats AND Shins...

Just added abit more detail to the knees (I'm in the process of getting new ones, any help with metal ones would be GREAT!!!!!)

Shins Painted/weathered


Everything painted up to date!
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What color did you use, it looks exactly like the armor color from Open Seasons # 1. Great job!
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Looking great JM :)

Glad they turned up alright for ya :)


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The weathering on that armor is spectacular!
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