Jango_Fett_Jr\'s ESB helmet *FINISHED* Lots of pics!

Jango Fett Jr

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Jango_Fett_Jr's ESB helmet *FINISHED* Lots of pics!

UPDATE 06/18
I am satisfied. I finished the back, top, and all the other little details. I know I still have to do some touch-up here and there, but I want to finally finish this thing.





Old vs. New

Man, I don't understand light. These pics make the earpice look more yellow than it really is (it's really a mustardy-gold) and the back doesn't look as blue as it really is. Aside from that, I'm so happy with it! Comments, anyone?

Thanks again to Bobo, Rogue Studios, Micke, and Webchief for colours and painting techniques. Of course, without Secol you wouldn't have been able to see it all, so thanks again!


UPDATE 06/17
Over the last few days I added the stripes, and did some weathering on the front and sides of the helmet.





For the silver, I used a metallic pen. I liked how it looked on Webchief and Micke's helmets.

More updates to come soon as I work on the rest of the weathering.
update for the update :D

looks very good
i like
great job


but let 2 or 3 days betewen layers of paint, just let dry good, or you go to get a mess :facepalm my experience :rolleyes :D

anyway keepus informed ;)
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ell, after looking at hy DP 97 over the last few days, I decided it is time for a repaint. I first painted it a couple years ago with very little reference, and I totally guessed on the colours. Thanks to some members, mainly Bobo and Rogue Studios, I bought the proper colours (Panzer Olivegrun 1943, Japanese Navy Green, etc) and I just got started tonight.

Sanded a little:

First few coats of white primer:

I'll start painting the green tomorrow, and I'll be sure to keep this thread updated. Thanks to everyone here at TDH, I'm hoping it will turn out much better this time.


The primer I used is very fast drying, so I just put on a coat of paint on the dome, cheeks, and back:

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Great! :D:thumbsup:
Just keep the WIP Pics coming!!! :D
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I am quite pleased with the flare on mine, considering it is a DP 97. What I did was cut out a piece of wood a little wider than my desired flare:


I just stick that in my helmet between the earpieces and leave it until I need to wear it.

I just did another coat of the greens a few minutes ago. From what Bobo said about painting with a sponge brush, I thought I would only need one jar of paint to get a few coats on it. I was only able to get on about 2 1/3 coats on it.

I'll post back later today with my start on the earpieces.
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Well after a couple days of non-stop work, I have my helmet prtty much done, as far as the basic colours go. Obviously, I still have to do weathering and some minor details, but here it is so far:



Thought you may not be able to tell from the photos, the upper cheek parts are flat black, but the photos make them look dark green. I am still going to do a light blue spray over the back to give it a bluer tint.

Comments on my work so far?
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