Jango72s progress thread.


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I figured that it was about time that I started one of these threads for my own progress, so here goes...

On Friday, stellardude and Vaderfanforever1922 came over to my place for a prop session. We chatted alot, but some how still got some work done. :lol:

At the end of the day, stellardude asked me to suit up in my "in progress" suit so he could snap a few pictures. Here's a couple of the pictures he took.

I know that in this first picture my holsters and girthbelt are too high, I didn't pay all that much attention when I threw on my gear.





Since those pictures were taken, I finished off my gauntlets ( save for re applying the paint ), so here's a pic of them.


Lots still to do so, I'm off to work some more on my jet pack. Additional progress pictures will be added as I go, seeing as my finish deadline is the 26th of April. ;)


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LOPERO, I'm going with the classic style ( Kamino ) jet pack. I'm not really partial to the stubby. :facepalm

Thanks for the feedback guys, I still have a lot of work to do before my April 27th troop. I'd better get back to work now... I'll try to remember to post more pictures as I go. :cheers


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If you go into the helmet section, open up your search function and type in "Wizardofflight helmet template". I simply used the Boba template and modified it to be more Jango accurate. ;)

hey how did you make your helmet is there any plans if so could i get them from you?


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Okay... a few more things to post up on my progress.

1. jet pack is ready for paint.

2. chest armor is ready for rub-n-buff. ( now primered, but not in picture )

3. cod piece is ready for rub-n-buff. ( also primered now, but not in picture )


I'm doing my best to finish off the rest of the armor, so I'd best get going. ;)


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looking super there, '72.
question about the backpack - is that a scratch build from WOF templates??

Yup, it sure is. ;)

It's all primered up grey now, but I'll have to wait until the morning to finish painting it up as I've lost my daylight. :facepalm

I've got my armor all rub-n-buffed now though. (y)


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I've still got a ton of work to do to finalize and tweek/repair my costume, but it didn't stop me from trooping yesterday with my local squad, the Canadian Garrison Capitol City Squad.

We were out trooping a 3km walk for Multiple Sclerosis, and it was an awesome day!! I've included a group shot below. ;)



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Well, yesterday was my second troop with the Capital City Squad. We were at three different locations around Ottawa for "Free Comic Book Day".

I'm happy to report that I got my jet pack all weathered and clear coated in time.




Here's a few of the many pictures that were taken yesterday. I can safely state that I've got quite a bit of tweeking and adjusting to do, and I feel that my shin armor will need to be re-made. Any ways, on to the pictures...




The two younglings in this next pic are mine. ;)


The only thing that was missing was my ammo belt and pouches as they got stuck at customs. I should get them some time this week, so I'll have them in plenty of time for my next troop. (y)


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Thought that I'd take a quick second or two to post up a list of my parts and makers, seeing as that seems to be the growing trend. :)

Jumpsuit - bought from JROCK, source unknown
Vest - custom made by co-worker
Boots - Journeys GBX, picked up for me by satxer ( thanks again man )
Girthbelt - JDFett, made in collaboration with Cruzer
Holster rig - Cruzer
Ammo belt - SEEKER
Blasters - resin kit bought second hand from a TDH member ( required major tear-down and work to get to current state )
All armor parts - Jango72
Jet pack - Jango72
Gauntlets - Jango72 ( switches, toggles, lights, flame thrower nozzles and left wrist rocket from Cruzer )
Knee dart launchers - Asok
Gloves - Walmart specials ( made by HotPaws )
Helmet - Jango72 ( all armor, jet pack, gauntlets and helmet were made using WoF Boba templates. I altered/adjusted them during construction to be more Jango accurate. )

I've still got a few repairs and tweeks to complete after my last troop, so I'll do my best to post up new pictures once they're completed.