Jango Fett Scratch Build WIP


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I am doing my level best to scratch build, as much as humanly possible, a Jango. I've been following the AntMan build for my bucket. I am going to finish that before I begin anything else. Any input, expertise, tips, or tricks are welcome.

I've been pondering the best way to get Rub N Buff on the dome, cheek plates, and back to take and look proper. I've been experimenting with a piece of scrap material from the build. Beyond the obvious need for more or more proper prep, it seems to be a chore to buff it and heat it up enough to get the look I'm after and get it to set properly. A Dremel with a buffer does a great job. But I think it gets things too shiny. What is everyone else doing and finding success with?

I've got my colors for the visor, ear caps, and rangefinder done. I built them myself at work. They're just sitting there, waiting for application day. I'm oh so close. Just a little more post, and I can cut out my visor and paint. I went overkill on the paint. I made Polane B in RAL 5000 and 5015. It's basically plural component aircraft paint. I just need the Rub N Buff to cooperate. I must be missing something.

I'll keep this post updated as things progress. I welcome thoughts, comments, ideas, tips, tricks, and the like. Thank you in advance.






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9So, I am here now. I need to do some touch up on the paint. Beyond that, I'm at the stage of applying Rub N Buff, applying the pinstriping, installing a visor, black washing, and finishing the rangefinder. Thoughts? Opinions? Critiques? View attachment 169693