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Howdie all,

Thanks to a recent commission I am now selling Jango Fett gasket seals for peoples helmets. These gaskets are made from soft leather and modeled for screen accuracy as worn on the movie.

Gasket from the real costume...

This is the gasket you would actually receive (note photo not take under natural lighting)

And the gasket installed in a Cruzer bucket under natural lighting (complete)

Each gasket is made for YOUR neck and head size, but built for screen accuracy usage. This helps insure everyone who wears one looks like they literally walked off the movie set as Jango Fett. Each gasket will come with a cord and drawstring to tighten and loosen the gasket as required for when the helmet is put on or taken off. Each gasket is hand dyed and cured to match the color of the gasket seal as worn in the movie.

For those seeking infamous level recognition within the 501st a correct gasket seal is required. A gasket seal is not part of the Jango Fett brigade requirements within the Mercs, but I suspect it will be (since they go for screen accuracy requirements).

Price before shipping is 100$ US. Shipping in the US is 7$, outside countries PM me for shipping quotes. Please have two sizes for me as well. I need to know the circumference around your neck just below the chin WITH your neck seal on. I also need to know the largest circumference part of your head (so you can stick your head through the gasket). This takes a while to make, so the average turn around from order to completion will probably be about two to three weeks. I can make these in other colors as well if clone troopers or deathwatch mandos want a seal as well.

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Just a bymp, if you want the gasket done in another color I can customize the work for your bucket.


Oh man this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'm going to get measurements when I get a chance and PM you!
For people who have a custom bucket or non-cruzer Jango bucket all I need is a tracing of your bucket's bottom mailed to me so I know the sizing correctly. I have the exact measurements for the Jango bucket, but this is pretty cool for clone troopers as well. Obviously I would need a measurement of your neck size where the seal will go WITH your neck seal on (or whatever you have around your neck)


Two helmet gaskets going out today. Hurry if you want some before Celebration, these take a while to make.


Okay I had a minor setback with my sewing machine needing to be replaced but I have a new one and the current order will be completed tomorrow.
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