Jango Fett Arena Jet Pack New Color


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Jango Fett Arena Jetpack New Color

I've been wanting to post the new color for my jet pack for a while. Ever since Mirax went to the Paris show and posted some nice pictures of the jet pack, I knew the dark blue wasnt correct. I know that it's still not dead on, but it looks pretty good to me. Let me know what you think. The new color is Krylon #1901 Regal Blue Gloss. Dont use the Royal Blue anymore. :D

On to the pics

First is a picture with the new color.
Second is a picture with the old color
Third is a picture of the real deal jet pack from the paris show, with a few dotted cirlces of the Regal Blue Gloss # 1901





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you should post that up in the gallery
that way, it doesn't fade away like old posts sometimes do.
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Thanks Turo, the new colors are the best colors. :lol: I'm searching the best Arena JP, but I have the colors, is the first step :)
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Cool - I'm glad you guys like it. Glad some of you figured it out too.
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Sure! Here is mine



Anyways my jet pack is not a stubby one, is a MLC, I think they aren't the same, isn't it?

However ur light blue is more accurate than mine :D
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This is an old thread but the info is still good. The pack in those pics are his MLC jet pack I believe.

He troops an RS Props cold cast arena pack now, and I shamelessly copied him. I use just a bit different colors on my pack. I have a WIP thread with several color thoughts listed. It is a WIP thread for both of my packs and I have links listed in the thread also.

Some one please correct me if I am wrong about which pack that is.