Jango... COMPLETE! Sort of....


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Okay, I got everything on and snapped some pictures... and broke some costume pieces. Any advice would be helpful. The snaps I glued on to the leg armor don't hold. I'm using a hot glue gun, would any recommend anything different? Also taking out the Westar, the holster unsnapped, my wife didn't tell me.
Jango-final-1.jpg Jango-Final-2.jpg Jango-Final-3.jpg jango-Final-4.jpg Jango-final-5.jpg Jango-Final-6.jpg e.

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Use CA glue. Cyanoacrylate (super glue) with an accelerator. Scuff both surfaces, Buy a thick, gap filling super glue from a hobby shop. Not the runny stuff in the little tubes. Make a circle, set your snap, then fill the center of the male portion with glue to cover the bottom edge, and "caulk" the outter edge with the glue alo. acclerate the whole thing and let it sit for awhile before trying to use it. Also, attatch your holsters to the thigh armor, helps hold it in place. You can use chicago screws for that. Put the chicago screw through the holster, both straps and the armor. 1 connection.


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Never use hot glue, it just isn't strong enough. Jango 5204 hit the nail on the head. CA glue with an accelerator is the way to go. Same on the holsters, Chicago screws and attach the thighs to the holsters. I will give you a real critique when I can see your pics on the computer instead of my phone.


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Okay, what's an accelerator? As far as I know, those make my car go faster... link to one on Home Depot so I know what to buy? Sorry to sound dumb, but this is my first time making a costume.

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You're not going to find CA glue or accelerator at Home Depot. You need to go to a hobby shop for the glue and the accelerator. The accelerator is an "instant set" for the CA glue. It kicks it off almost instantly so you dont have to wait for it to dry on its own.


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I have ordered my accelerator from Trooperbay the last couple of times it usually arrives fairly quick.


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LOL... yes I'd love some feedback. Keep in mind I have a Bobamaker vest on the way. (There are a few other "upgrades" I will be making also, like pouches and holsters.) But while I also have everyone's attention, what's the easiest way to suit up. I don't think I could do this all on my own.


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You almost can't wear one of these suits without some help. You can do some things to make it easier. I posted a thread on connecting the cod, girth, holsters, ammo belt, and thigh armor. That makes it so you can step in it and put all that on yourself. That makes it so that all I really need some help with is the gauntlets, vest, and jp.


I was waiting to see if anyone was going to be the first to give heavy feedback. I'll be the first :) We're only here to push you more and more towards screen accuracy, so don't take anything personal. All of us here want you to get approved and start trooping! :)

Primary Feedback:
1) I count 8 ammo pouches. You should only have 7.
2) I think you said you have a Bobamaker flak jacket on the way? That's good because I know you have to have the piping on the seams of the neck, shoulders, and arm openings. You can't get approval without that.
3) I think you might need to invest in some Merona leather gloves that you get at Target. Your gloves have to be navy-blue, according to the CRLs. I don't know if your gloves would work well with dye?
4) I don't know if the back buckle for the ammo belt will be okay? Someone might have to shed some light on that.

Personal Feedback:
5) Most, if not all of your armor needs some good weathering. I'd recommend using a sponge and acrylic paint. Mix different paints to get a mud-like color (not too black). Dab the sponge in the paint and touch around the edges of all your armor. Use a bunched up paper towel to blot and remove any excess paint.
6) Your girth/ammo belt needs to be pulled up higher. I had this problem when I first suited up. You need to have a minimal gap between your girth and ab armor. I'd highly, highly recommend checking out Seeker's Flickr and visit his "Jango Armor Tips" Gallery. Connecting the cod/holsters/thighs/harness/ammo belt is key: Collection: Jango Fett Costume
7) Consider attaching the center ammo pouch to your girth (with rivets). Your ammo belt should be on the upper part of your girth. You don't want it sagging down.
8) Consider sewing a little piece of velcro on each of your flight suit's ankles. The other piece can go underneath the top of your boot armor. This will keep your flight suit tucked underneath the boot armor.
9) Attach your holsters to your thigh armor.
10) Never get satisfied upgrading and pushing towards perfection :)

That's all I have for now. I'm sure there are others who might want to offer some suggestions. Looking forward to seeing the evolution of your suit. (y)



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Thanks Ribann! I've been getting a ton of feedback that's helping me.

Here are the big changes I've done / or are in process:

1. Yes, Bobamaker is about twelve weeks out right now for the leather vest.
2. I've re-died the holsters and fastened them with Chicago screws. The leg straps are a little short so I've ordered more leather and are going to re-make those.
3. ammo belt: The buckle in the back would not fit for approval, I've ordered a strap of leather and will make a velcro attached one. ( I actually have a velcro belt, but with suit, girth, armor.. and tummy it's very tight and risks of popping off)
4. All the armor (except for the helmet) actually has weathering... I used black / mud brown mix acrylic paint.. I don't know why it's not showing that well in the pics. Maybe I just need to do more. Or go get more bounties.
5. I'm in the process of putting new snaps on the leg armor, using CA glue.. as the glue I used sucks bantha poodoo.

That's an interesting idea, attaching the ammo belt to the girth. For the record, the holsters / cod / girth are all married now... I've got a bit long of a torso, perhaps that's why I keep getting that comment with the gap.

Even though I've heard from more than one sources about attaching the holsters to the leg armor, I don't think I will go that route.. they actually stay in place now with all the rivets.

Last comment: Those gloves were white leather gloves, I died using navy blue dye... I like how the color came out, but apparently the 501st does not agree with me. Those Merona gloves have been sold out for quite some time, I'm not sure if they are coming back in for Fall... I'm keeping an eye out for them. I will pick up some darker navy blue fabric paint and have a go that way.

SUPER BIG QUESTION: Do you guys attach the back armor to the leather vest at all, or do you let the jet pack harness hold it on there? Also I'm using velcro for the chest ab armor, do you use velcro or do you use snaps? I figure velcro is more forgiving when having to make adjustments.

Thanks a bunch everyone!!!

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IMHO the T visor shouldnt taper out at the bottom, its really bugging me...besides whats been stated about gpas and weathering.