Jango Blaster Rifle?


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Hi, all
I was wondering if anyone has built the blaster rifle used by Jango on the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter. If so, could you please post a pic or 2? Or tell me where I could get a screenshot?
thnx 4 reading.


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Do you mean the sniper rifle? Im trying to remember, havent played in awhile. I remember the grenade launcher, the security guard's blaster, maybe thats what your thinking of. I'll see if I find anything.



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I'm thinking of the assult rifle-type gun he uses. I know it's at the very end of the pit-fight arena level, and about 1/2 way thru the 3rd level of the 3rd chapter. I can't remember any other apperances off the top of my head.

I am interested in building this blaster for my custom Mando, and just wondering if anyone had some tips.


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I dont know wether these will be helpful or not hammerhawker, but here are some piccies




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