Jamie's (aka clawdite77, jdfett's honey) Zam!


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So we are DONE!!!!!

showcasing my baby!!! I think she looks marvelous!!!!















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Congratulations!!! :cheers Looks great - looking forward to seeing it in person at DC!!!! You made it with only a little over a week to spare! :lol: :lol:


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thanks guys...Jamie will be happy to know you like it...It's a bit different than what everyone is used to seeing as we used the dressing the galaxy and VD for color references...we shot those in direct sunlight outside with no flash so the colors are pretty close to what your eye sees...

maulmaus....you are not kidding....down to the wire for sure...having to do the gauntlets ourselves kind of threw us off pace but we managed to get them done...the only thing im still hoping for is the new rifle upgrades in time...we'll see


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Make sure she wears it for a couple of hours before wearing it to D*C, just to find out what works and what doesn't ....But I think you already know that! :lol:


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ya...for sure...we already found a couple things we need to fix up...one of her boots are scraping her ankle and we need to dremel out the left gauntlet a bit more as it is a little tight inside...

sl tk8456

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Phew that was close :)

Congratulaions! It's a Zam!

Loving what you did with the end of the rifle. I'll have to pick your brains on that again. :)

Enjoy DC


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for those zammers who dont know...Jamie won best bounty hunter and best of show in the star wars contest at D*Con!!!! yaaaayyyyyy! pictures will be posted later in the sarlac pit thread i posted!


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those are great....:lol:lol:

I was too busy mpg-in to get any good photos so im glad you got those! I will be grabbing the high res ones in the morning as im at work right now but this is just about how she looked the rest of the day!


great shots!


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o.k. folks....i know i'm super lame for not posting on here...so for that i sincerley apologize, I've been meaning too ever since I got back from D*con, and just havent had the time ( i started nursing school! ugghh)

with that said, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone here for all the input and advice, recomendations and also support, that jdfett and I received from everyone. The advice was priceless!! thank you thank you thank you... 2 all...

Kay_Dee, your pics are fantastic!! (pm sent btw)...thank you for sharing those!

It was great to meet some of y'all at D*con, it's nice being able to put a face to the name!! :lol:...all in all, D*con was awesome, although, I have to admit, when I got the chance to meet fellow zammers at the parade, I was NOT well, therefore, I was not myself! so..sorry if i wasnt more outgoing, but i really did enjoy meeting y'all!! I enjoyed scoping out everyone else's zam! (c'mon everyone does it!:lol:) and i thought "man...we look pretty good! heres to representin the female bounty hunter!!" I thought everyone's costume was amazing!

so thanks again everyone...hope we meet again somewhere else down the line!


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Congratulations Jamie on the awards!! (y) You made us TDH'ers Proud and especially us Zammers! Way to Go!! :cheers You and JD made a fantastic costume! And thanks to Kay_Dee for sharing those pics! :D

It was also great to be able to meet you and JD at DC - looking forward to next time. Good luck in nursing school.. considering how sick some of us have been since DC, I think we need a nurse! ;)