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Hey everybody, Ive been messin w/ my new camera some more, and thought I'd share a pic of my gauntlest. As w/ most of my costume, these have been done for a while. I know they arent too accurate, but I kinda like em I guess. I made most of the attachments from bits of junk I found in my fathers mechanic shop. I was especially proud of the flame thrower assembly, (which at the time I built it, seemed like one of the more accurate ones I had seen.) Of course FP's wonderfull set up makes these look really out-dated, but I had tons of fun building em anyway. Thanx for looking.:)




Sorry the pics are so fuzzy, still figuring out my new toy. :lol:
Those look great Jango's Kid. :thumbsup:
I will be making my gauntlets pretty soon and I hope they look as good as yours.
What is the base made of if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks. :)
the base are older MB's. I purchased these about 2 years ago, & like most of my costume, just kept repainting & redoing. I think I finally got em about as good as they're gonna get. I plan on upgrading to an entirely new set when I get some cash. :)
They look great, Damian :)

I love the flamethrower assembly, it's actually very well done, and very close considering what you had to work with!

Are the gauntlets fabricated as well? Where did they come from? The rocket could use some black marks around the nose, or indentations etc. No big deal, but something easily done in an hour if you're bored :)

Are those the little plugs on your right gauntlet? I can't remember what they're called, but I found some just like them at Wal-Mart...

Very nice gauntlets :)
Thanx for the kind words everybody. thought you might like that flame-thrower MMM! :) I must admit, that finding pices of real hardware & bits of junk to add to your costume is really half the fun! Kinda seems to add to the sense of achievement if it turns out good! Thanx again for the kind words guys!
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