Is there a Light on ROTJ Jet Pack?

trooper rushmore

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Is there a Light on ROTJ Jetpack?

I've been scaning all of my MOM pic's and I can't see a light. But I've read a couple places that there is one. If any1 knows the fact on this and where it's at I would really appreciate your assistance. :confused
All the packs I have seen have the same style "light beacon." The color and finish varies slightly from pack to pack, though.

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Sigh....that figures....I've got that part but it's solid resin and I am getting to the end of my Fett cash....Time to get creative with my dremel....Thanks Tylerdurden :)
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Stormtrooper, is your light beacon clear resin? 'Cause I have one that is clear and I driled a hole in the center and inserted a White blinky LED and it looks pretty good.
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Biomechaniod56....naw it's an off white. But I used my dremel with a really small bit and got the vents drilled out. Then I used a cutting wheel to cut the top off and then drilled a hole thru the middle of the long cylindar to run the wires thru. All I got to do now is paint it and glue the top back on. Won't look as clean as a reall metal one but should be good until I can afford one.
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