Is my Don Post Deluxe #48 a "real" Don Post?


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Not trying to "bum" a free link to my own active auction, but I figured this could best be answered in the forum's Helmet section.

I have been asked by an ebay member to post photos of my #48 Don Post fiberglass deluxe Fett helmet to the forum(s) for confirmation that it is indeed a true DP Fett Deluxe, and not a "knock-off" as he feels that it is. I know that they are are comparing my helmet to online pics of the PropStore's Fett DP #2 (which had a wildly different paint scheme, and lights in the range finder).

As I am at work and don't have ready access to the original photos, I am linking my auction below, which has several photos.

Licensed Boba Fett fiberglass deluxe helmet Don Post 1996 LOW NUMBER | eBay

Of note, I am not the original owner, but I have had the helmet for over 10 years. No COA or box.
I have NOT modified the helmet.
The ear pieces are metal, as is the rangefinder stalk.
The internal brass plaque (see photo) reads #48.
The visor is mounted flush with the red mandible trim.
The T-visor cut out is much smaller than the visor.
The helmet is padded / lined.
The helmet "damage" is actually scraped into the mold itself.

This thing is heavy, and I have always considered it legit. I would appreciate any input as to otherwise.

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It's a legit Don Post, no questions about it! Especially showing pictures of the plaque. The early helmets have much better paint jobs (like yours for an example) than the later ones that were released.


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It's a nice helmet. I think you'd be EXTREMELY lucky to get the BIN price or even the starting bidding price.