Is man of war studios legit/good?

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i was just browsing and came across this "manofwarstudios" or "MOW". And was wondering if their a good place to purchase from seems like they have a lot to offer at a amazing price, such as the boots, cape, vest, flight suit, etc.


MoW is a great resource, however, you may find yourself having to switch out some of the items. A lot of his items are one size. His gear ships quick and the quality is great for a mass produced item. Makers on the cargo hold do limited runs and sometimes have backlogs resulting in a long wait. Alternatively, you can make your own items too. Something to consider: Fett is a long haul. Don't rush and do your research.

I've faced criticism on the following items:
Gloves are not accurate in color or stitching
The fight suit is two pieces and you will will have to dye it yourself.
Vest does not velcro down the back, rather it has two wings that wrap the body.
I believe I measured the girth belt at 29" from buckle to buckle.
Flight suit and vest may require tailoring, as it's a one size.

If you can get the boots in your size, do it now. He mentioned not doing future runs.

I have his jetpack, gauntlets, vest, neck seal, flight suit, boots, gloves, cape, and girth belt. I think they're great, however, in an official capacity, others seem to differ in that opinion. I've ended up replacing the vest, neck seal, flight suit, gloves, and cape for the official costume clubs, but they're all great for a casual quality Fett. It depends to what level you want to take the accuracy. Tailored soft parts are the way to go and his are one size.

There are a number of makers on the cargo hold, but in the interest of choosing your own items, you can shop around there too.
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Like Seamarshall said: some items are great others not if you want 501st approval. The premium wool cape, jetpack and gauntlets are great (bought them myself) and the shoes are maybe the best you can get. He is a good and quick seller and member here.

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MOW is good stuff, fast shipping and good quality hard parts. (jetpack, gauntlets). they arent the most accurate, but they are still very nice and clean casts that are made well as far as resin kits go. They will pass 501st clearance if you are going for that. The jetpack may be a touch heavier than some of the other kits due to it being resin and having to have a little more thickness to it to get it to be durable, but still a really nice kit. As mentioned before some of his soft parts arent the most accurate, but again, it depends exactly what your shooting for. Boots are probably the best there is. As far as reliable, he is all good :)
I'm glad I picked up a pair of his boots. I also have the wool cape. He is quick to ship. Based on info from others I just got my girth belt from Dover Saddlery. You can get it in various sizes to accommodate for your armor and waist size. And only $27.95 but you have to stain it. ( Suggested on WastedFetts web page )