Is it red or burgandy for the area around the T-visor?


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I wanted to know if the face area around the visor is actually a red or burgandy. People use burgandy for their gauntlets and in many pics the gauntlets are the same color as the face area. Is this right?

Red or burgandy? Can anyone name exact color brands and paint model names? Thanks!!
Which T-visor area are you talking about, ESB or ROTJ? There is a difference.

I haven't studied the ROTJ enough to comment. But I have looked at the ESB T-visor area in depth. It appears that they used a base red, which was misted or darkened with black. There are also yellow(ish) splatterings on the ESB T-visor area.

The problem I have seen wih burgundy paints is that they contain too much purple. It is, appropriately enough, more wine colored. However, the ESB T-visor area has more of a hint of red/black/ruddy brown.

Again, pics later tonight!
Yes, Tyler is absolutely correct(of course :)...I have done the whole red thing with a black misting with airbrush and the effect is absolutely stunning.
The ESB helmet appears to be more of the Rudy brown (red) primer color darkened with black.
The ROTJ appears to be more red.

Here is my rendition of the ROTJ red on my new helmet.......


Here is my "receipt" fpr my ROTJ color, the red primer is the base color with the other colors misted on top.

Visor area-
Color Place red primer
Roustolium Painters Touch Colonial Red #1964
Color place flat black

The red where the ears go hasn't been weathered, the visor has been, so you can see the what the color looks like before and after the weathering process.

Thanks and Yes it is! :)
I hope to have it done by the end of THIS weekend. I should be getting my newly casted resin ears early this week as the first ones I got were made of a sort of proto type resin that had some shrinkage to them, so the new ones will be "just" a little bit bigger than the ones that I got orignaly.

The only thing is, it'll be while before I can get my metal RF stalk, so the resin one will do for now.
I almost finished padding the inside with foam and cloth today, then I ran out of goop.... :(
As promised:


The red that the arrow is pointing to is what I believe the base red to be. Then you can see the additional black misting/weathering.
What's everyone think of the other two blotchy colors?

Just light grey and dark grey?

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