Is Fugly the best clean ESB helmet?


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These days, for boba fett builds, just say no to fansculpts!

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... except when going for something other then ESB Fett^^


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I TOTALLY agree about hating the look of the SE Fett helmet, but that RS will always get my business, as they are just top drawer with everything they do, AND they have the direct lineage casting.
Whether or not they produce an ESB-only version is yet to be seen, so in the meantime, I just finished up adding the missing painting and weathering needing done to pull up my eFX Fett ( which already had an amazing paint job) to screen accurate ESB specs.
Same lineage as RS, just ABS instead of fiberglass.
But either way, RS is still getting a Fett order from me this year... the SE version , or not! :)

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Please, no. eFX PCR comes from the same helmet, but is far away from the same lineage as a Gen 2 RS helmet.
Same lineage, in that the mould taken from the screen helmet sourced both the RS casting, and the patterns eFX made for the PCR.
Proportions, and dimensions between the eFX and RS final pieces are very noticeable....