For Sale Interest Thread: Stainless Steel Helmet Stands

Lucksy31 - ESB Faded Kill Stripes

David Neth

Parts are in and production has begun! I'll post up a sales thread with pictures of the finished pieces once I have some completed and ready to ship out.
Helmet Stand Parts.jpg
Helmet Stand Production.jpg

David Neth


As with most things, there have been a few delays (hence, why I didn't want to do preorders in the first place). That being said, I wanted to share some pictures of the first batch that are near completion. The thicker material used on the emblems and top cap look and feel so much nicer than the thin material I used on the prototypes. I was going to go with a felt or cork pad on the base but neither option felt right for the application so I decided to go with 1/8" thick leather branded with the corresponding emblem. I just have to make the brands for the mythosaur and mudhorn emblems and then I'll be able to finish the first batch. I also addressed some of your concerns by padding the top cap with the same leather. Let me know what you all think! I'll post a sales thread after I finish the last pieces this weekend.

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