Interest Thread: PVC Fett Plates

As I'm sure many of you know, I've been working on my budget Fett build. I made more than half of my plates out of unrolled PVC. After making a few test plates, some people have been impressed, and it has been brought to my attention that there has been a bit of interest in the plates, so I wanted to gauge interest on these.

I would be offering a 8 piece set. Every piece from this set it shaped by hand, and all edges are beveled smooth. This set includes:
-1 collar
-2 chest
-1 diamond
-1 ab
-2 shoulder
-1 kidney

He are pictures of my personal set, from start to finish. Not pictured is my diamond, I've lost it... again...


I bondo over all edges to get that nice edge to imply depth:


A picture with outdoor lighting:


And indoor...



-I like the plates, but Boba is not really my style....
-That's fine. I can do Jango plates too, with thighs and shins. Haven't tried it, but I can't see why it'd be any different.

-Do these plates come painted?
-No, unless you want to pay extra, but that's another story.

-I like the plates, but I'm a bit larger than a medium...
-That's fine! Figure out your WOF size, and I can make them to those.

-I'm making a custom mando, can I not get the dents?
-Absolutely. Saves me the trouble of making them.

-Can you ship international?
-Yes I can.

-Can I get a pair of knees, a backplate, and a cod plate with this set?
-Short answer: No.
-Long answer: I am yet to want to even try to craft a backplate, and have simply cannot get the correct curve of the cod and the knees. My buddy RKD makes them nice and cheap :)

-Why should I buy PVC? Why not Fiberglass, or ABS?
-Because PVC survives. In Manchester, NH, there was a parade a year or two ago that was so cold that ABS started to break, and snap. PVC won't bust under temperature. With fiberglass plates, you run the risk of them dropping, cracking, snapping, and breaking. I can assure you, that you can throw a PVC plate against the ground as hard as you can, and that sucker is going to bounce. Also, the PVC is easy to attach with some velcro, or other methods.


Prices are as follows, and do not include shipping.

For an 8 piece, Boba style set, completed with the dents of the version of your choice: $100

For an 11 piece Jango Set: $125

For a blank Boba Style set: $90

And as always, open for Boba trades :)


If there are any Fetts looking for an alternative vendor than the big names I definitely recommend Bavery!!