Interest Thread: Machined U-Clips for carbonite panels!


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Looking for more interest to get another run of the machined U clips done. These are the twenty metal clips seen on the carbonite panels (they are on all but the hero panel) folded from sheet steel in an accurate one-piece design.

"When resin just won't do!"

Here are some pictures showing them on my own carbonite block:




Complete set of twenty clips plus all the screws (three accurate types) and hex nuts for attaching them will be £85 plus shipping with half payable up front once we have enough interest. Not taking any payments until it's a go!

PM me please if you're in.

Mike M.

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i would love to get in on this, but it won't be until september at least before i could swing it.


I have just started aquiring pieces to build HIC. I will be getting Han shortly, I have the box and I would like to get the clips. Let me know if it is still possible to get in on this.