For Sale Interest Thread: Elstree Precision Co Ltd Continuation Left Gauntlet Laser Run

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Those in Europe should expect their gauntlet lasers to arrive soon! They were shipped from Elstree Precision a few days ago.

John shipped the package with the North American orders to me today. I will prepare all of the individual shipping boxes and have them ready to go for when this package arrives.

More to follow.




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Elstree Precision Co Ltd Update

The package from Elstree Precision has arrived in Northern California. The plan is to repackage orders and ship to the North American destinations early this week. Tracking info will follow.

I believe this run may be sold out, but need to get a final updated count. I will contact those who recently sent inquiries regarding laser availability within the next day or so.

Seen here is a special “Trilogy Set” prototype that John made for me. I will be finishing these lasers as Supertrooper, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi variants to display in this presentation case.



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I’ve got 4 of these left for sale. I apologize if you messaged me about them and I haven’t got back to you. Please message me again!
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