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Hello all, i've been experimenting with my hollow stalks and have found a carbon hollow tube that will take two wires inside. This tube is stiff and much stronger than the alu. tubes i've preveously been using. The tube runs down to an internally threaded sleeve which has a hollow bolt to hold everything in place, allowing the wires to enter inside the helmet. The cold cast stalk can be buffed/polished to a fairly bright alu. finish. Please post here if interested and i'll start a list below. These will cost £18.50/$37.00 shipped. Cheers, TF...

1. Mandalorfett/paid/shipped
2. thedustroom
3. Predatormv/paid/shipped
4. digifett/paid/shipped
5. deadbolt/paid/shipped
6. psberetta/paid/shipped
7. bunicula/paid/shipped
8. matrix/paid/shipped
9. Citizen_ snips
10. Halo_1/paid/shipped
11. Darthmiller
12. Shaggy13
13. Slave R5/paid/shipped
14. HMPOTC33
15.TK 4130/paid/shipped
16. napalm/paid/shipped
Paypal address is these should be ready to ship in the next 10-14 days, i'll keep you posted, thanks, TF...
LIST UPDATED. These will ship this week, Thanks.


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hi, measurements are: centre of pivot to underside of RF: 160mm, tab into RF: 9mm, pivot diameter: 10.5mm, stalk width: 9.5mm, stalk thickness: 6.5mm, width of top when in RF: 34mm...


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I'm in for one TF.

Hey guys, to convert mm into inches all you need to do is divide the mm by 25.4

EX : 160 mm / 25.4 = 6.2992 inches