For Sale INTEREST: Real AM Plug, Real METAL dental files , Real 3-Hole Borden

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  1. bojaGun

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    *** Real 3x AM Aerial Earth Plug ***

    AM Aerial Earth Plug - Boba Fett Costume Resource
    "The earth plugs are injection molded plastic housings that fold in half and lock over a pair of connector pins.
    They are used, in the unfolded position on either side of Boba Fett's ESB Blastech EE-3.
    Two plugs are used on the right side of the stock (the outside of the stock if held in the right hand)
    and one on the left side of the stock of the rifle. The plugs seen on the ESB rifle are painted flat black.
    These plugs are also found on the Rebel Portable Scanner and Darth Vader's neckbrace."

    *** 100% Original METAL dental files ***
    (3. files in total)
    Jetpack 1. Files (1. blue) #20 or #50 / Gauntlets 2. Files 1. silver #8 or #35 / 1. red #45)

    *** Real 3-Hole Metal Connector ***

    "Data Port" on the right cheek of the Boba Fett Helmet.
    The correct borden connector has one large hole (for water), a small hole (for air), and an extremely small hole (for jetting mist, as a coolant). "unaltered dental bordan tool"

    Please note that are original and not cut !!

    Complete Set:
    $280,00 USD + Shipped

    write me if you have any interest!!


    All this is a hobby for my and do it as a private person.
    Each shipment/ order is insured and everyone gets back his money sent
    or if he wants a free replacement if it is possible by officially as "lost"
    But this is only possible if the "investigation request* of Deutsche Post, GLS, DPD, Hermes, UPS, USPS, FedEx, TNT ...
    is completed and the order officially as "lost" applies.
    I pay the money then ahead private or free replacement.
    At each officially shipment loss:
    I get the money from the Deutsche Post / DHL after 20 - 30 weeks
    and only repeated Handwritten filling out insurance documents!
    Most orders without problems in about 14 days are 30 days delivered.
    With allowance delivery time or not received the shipment, I will always only initiate a "INVESTIGATION REQUEST*"
    Please friends, not order from me this not understands or accept!
    *Investigation request:
    The shipment was forwarded to the destination country. For further processing your was Investigation request to the destination postal company forwarded. According to international agreements the determining postal company shall have approx 8 -12 weeks to respond to your request in international postal traffic. We will of course be informed immediately about the outcome, but as soon as we receive a response.

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  2. tennantlim

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    Will you sell just the borden connector? If yes, how much?
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  3. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    thank you!
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  4. Marv

    Marv Member

    Depending on price I would love a set of the AM plugs
  5. robotzo

    robotzo Jr Member

    also interested in just a borden connector
  6. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    I wish all Nice Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!
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  7. bojaGun

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  8. robotzo

    robotzo Jr Member

    borden connector received, thank you!
  9. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    order/shipped list:

    TDH Tennant / 1x 3-Hole Borden silver-colored Connector - PAID - SHIPPED

  10. bojaGun

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    Jetpack Greeblies 4 part Set

    $27,00 USD + Shipped

    2x BF Gauntlet buttons
    $6,00 USD +shipped

    1x ROTJ Left Gauntlet LED
    old version

    $10,00 USD +shipped

    Biker Scout Blaster
    (Resin) Replica

    US $60,00 USD +shipped

    "ESB EE3 barrel mounts" but need to be revised!
    barrel mounts Maclow

    1x 40mm (1,5") Maclow for MPP
    1x 32mm (1,25") for Blaster
    US $14,00 USD +shipped

    Order together and save shipping costs!
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  11. bojaGun

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    order/shipped list:

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  12. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas Jr Member

    Where do those greeblies go on the jetpack?
  13. BH-51512

    BH-51512 Member

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  14. Dain117

    Dain117 New Member


    I am very much interested in the 2x BF Gauntlet buttons

    $6,00 USD +shipped

    do you still have them ?
  15. Alay

    Alay New Member

    Would you sell just the borden connectors alone? How much if so?
  16. BobaArce

    BobaArce New Member

    I would be interested in Jetpack Greeblies 4 part Set!
    I live in France in Paris, how much is the delivery cost and is it always available?
  17. Big Game

    Big Game Jr Member

    I’m interested in the Borden if available
  18. Pblizzard

    Pblizzard New Member

    Interested in an ESB set, shipping within the US
  19. Big Game

    Big Game Jr Member

    Go my Borden n the mail yesterday and couldn’t be happier. I know it’s such a small detail but to me, it’s all about the details. Thanks Boja

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