Interest in hand-Schaub bronze Webley

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This thread is soley to guage interest in possibly making a few Webleys in cast bronze. I have taken a long break form these and my resources have changed therefore I need to see if it is worth it to even consider making several of these.
Many of you already know about it but for those who don't it is cast from accurate Mk.1No.1. Weight is approx. 5lbs.

Okay - so since this just for interest I am not making any promises. I would expect that any finished product would be complete 6 months from project launch (maybe less...maybe more) Only deposits would be required. Final costs would be determined upon current metal prices (I have not priced these in years!) Figure around $400. I'm not sure I can get stocks made yet either...
Here is a picture to refresh memmories or entice newbies.
e-mail: or PM for inform


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Hey HS! I still have mine that I bought in your initial run years ago and wouldn't part with it unless for a real deal Webley.....

It is by far the creme' de' la' creme' of Webley replicas8)



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If anyone is considering these I have one and they are awesome, worth every penny(y) If you unsure about doing the work and want a complete one I have one up for sale in this thread:

It has the flash tube barrel and a wooden stock, plus the scope and scope greeblies.

Before anyone gets on me about hijacking, I got HS' permission ;)