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This thread is soley to guage interest in possibly making a few Boba/Jango helmets in cast alluminum. I have taken a long break form these and my resources have changed therefore I need to see if it is worth it to even consider making several of these.
Many of you already know about my helmet but for those who don't it is my own sculpt which is very close to movie size. Weight is approx. 5lbs. I wear mine as my standard jango costuming helmet. I walked over 6 miles in it as part of the Rose Parade so any concerns about weight I mearly shrug off.

Okay - so since this just for interest I am not making any promises. I would expect that any finished product would be complete 6 months from project launch (maybe less...maybe more) Only deposits would be required. Final costs would be determined upon current metal prices (I have not priced these in years!) Figure around $600. Comes with helmet (roughly finished) solid stalk and resin rangefinder. Although in all honesty I would upgrade the stalk and rangefinder with one of hte fine ones available on the boards)
Here is a picture to refresh memmories or entice newbies.
If you have one of these helmets or are familiar with it please do not hesitate to respond in this thread.
e-mail: or PM for information

bobasale 002.jpg

bobasale 001.jpg
Questions about options...

Are the ears part of the cast, or are they seperate pieces? The reason I ask is that I'd love to have one of these with no RF(Though if the ears are cast in, I'm sure I can work around that). Also, would not getting the RF kit affect the price? I am very interested in one of these(without the dent), but won't have enough cash in one lump sum until the end of February.

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The ear cap (where range finder attaches) is seperate... it is drilled and taped. Lack of rangefinder wouldn't make much of a price difference - cost is same to me either way.


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i'm very interested... any pics of it next to a mystery helmet for size comparison (the msh2 i used to have looked too big on me, but the mystery i have looks good)

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Hello. I'm new to the boards and am very interested in one of your helmets (without the dent). Am I correct in assuming that the helmet would arrive unfinished (ie. unpainted, no visor) as well as no range-finder which you already mentioned. Not that any of that matters...I'm still VERY interested. Thanks in advance.

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Just to answer a few questions...
I currently do not have too many comparrison pictures... I can try and do some this weekend if a fellow 501st member is available who has a Mystery helmet.
The helmet is complete with rangefinder stalk and resin top. I just suggested that there are 'better' ones out there.
I comes pretty much like the one on the picture. I do the main clean up but fine detail and painting and visor is in you court.
Payment plans... hmmm - I have done ones in the past and have never had a problem with it. Let's see if I make them first....
oh - I can probably do individual ear pieces but I would need to be making helmets first. The reason for this is that the foundry will pour an entire pot of alluminum but will not do several small things only. So yes - it is an option but not officially being offered.

thanks for the questions and comments!
Interested in a Jango (without dent) version if but the dented helmet was all that would be available I would still be very interested. (y)
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for me it will really come down to the size. if i think i can wear it without looking like a bobble head, i'd love one :)

It sways on the larger size... I did these during the whole "flare" debate but I manipulate the wax to get the sizing about right. It's is bigger than a DP delux smaller than the old MLC... I'll see about finsing some comparion pictures...