Installing an aluminum RF stalk


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Ok, so I've removed the old RF stalk from my 96 Don Post Fett and I'm trying to figure out the best/easiest way to install an aluminum RF. Would a strong glue or epoxy hold it or does everyone screw it on somehow?
bkbt: Hey, I know you.;)

On mine, I counter-bored the loop on the stalk, to accept a washer and flattened screw on the outer side. Then I drilled through my resin earpiece and helmet, and put the screw and washer through the metal stalk....then added a rubber plug (inside the loop, since I ground off the resin plug) and rubber washer (for tension), and a small lock washer with the nut on the inside (not me- the metal one).

The screw holds both the stalk and earpiece on (to be glued, also), and the resin side cap is just going to be glued on. Plus, I drilled out the stalk for wiring, so I also dremilled out the "kidney" hole all the way through.
you mean the actual RF itself? i just used some RTV in there and it seems to hold pretty well. its stuff i picked up at the auto parts store. i have some electronics in my RF so i figured that would be ok with it. the electronics have since died but whatever.
Hmm.... I mean the top "box" to the "pole" :lol:

I can't see the attached link from above so I'm not sure if Biggerkidbiggertoys is talking about what I'm talking about...
I'm curious about this also.

I know some of the Don Post masks had hollow rangefinder "boxes," and some had solid ones. I suspect that the attachment method of the "box" portion to the stalk might be different for each version.

Anyone got any pics of how they did it? (I also could not view the pics above in the link to the Yahoo! Briefcase)
I have done it two different ways. For a solid resin rangefinder cap, I drilled two small holes in the stalk & two holes in the cap. I inserted two pin nails that I cut down to keep everything aligned & epoxied it all together. Fot a hollow plastic top, I again drilled two small holes in both pieces & used two tiny screws to attach the plastic top. The aluminum is soft enough that it will thread if you turn the screws & then back them off to clear the threads a few times. It is hard to see it in the pic because the screws are black, but you get the idea.
Thanks man... looks like I know what I have to do. I'm just petrified that I'm going to ruin the stalk by drilling into it.
I suggest to mark the hole locations with an awl so the drill bit won't slip. Also it doesn't hurt to drill a pilot hole using your smallest bit & then step up to the size you need. Good Luck!
I have a DP 95, non-white interior edition, and the range-finder, the "box," is hollow. It comes in two pieces: the base and a thin "lid" for the top of the range-finder that exposes the hollow interior. The stalk was molded as part of the bottom of the RF box. So to remove the RF box, it had to be cut off the stalk.
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