Inside Jango Helmet


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:lol:I have a question about head gear. Does anyone have pictures or can give advice on what to put inside the helmet as head gear for control. The last thing I want is my helmet to go all over the place! :lol:


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I have heard about people using foam pieces, padding, or the inside of a hardhat, but I guess it comes down to personal preference.


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Helmet interiors are all a matter of preference, as previously mentioned. I went with a padded foam interior as I find that a hard hat liner gives me a pressure headache after a few hours of wearing the helmet, and I much prefer the snug fit/feel of the foam.


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I also prefer foam to a hard hat liner. My Jango helmet has only about a 1/4" of padding in the front/back and on top only 1/8" as I have a large head. But still, go with foam padding. The hard hat liner can give you a headache and a sweaty forehead.