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Hello there ;)
I have been into Star Wars for most of my life now and in the past have also been active in the mandalorian costuming world. However, my active days in armor are long over. Have been on TDH for many years and now decided to create an account to talk about something cool I want to get into:

I'm a photographer and I want to get into in-universe photography. What do I mean by that? Creating photos that look as if they are the real deal. Not a costume photographed in the real world, but make it look as if it is straigt from a movie set. Over time, I have developed some theories on how to accomplish that without having access to an acutal set, just using real-world locations and some tricks. I would like to test those theories out and have a go. What I need for that is someone to be photographed, lol. Thats why I created this account. So if there is someone in Germany (thats where I'm at) with a top end costume willing to go for a photoshoot, maybe we can get one going. :)

Best way to get in touch is through my photography website: Fotograf um Weimar, Erfurt & Jena für Portraits, Business & mehr (where you can also see my previous stuff) or through Instagram: @romeolimaphoto (here)

Kind regards from Germany

PS: I have spoken abouth this some with Ord Mantell on Instagram and would love to deepn that conversation, maybe in a new thread here on the forum.
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