Improved Fett Bust

supa troop

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Not sure if this is the right place for this.....

Thought i would share with you the Improved fett Bust ive been working on.

Gone is the Horrible DP96,New is the ammo belt and Chest Armour.

Just need to source a new Flight Suit add shoulder Studs and get a Girth Belt and its Virtually done.

In the new year i plan to work on and finish a back pack that i have

your comments are more than welcome



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This is a bust right? and not your costume.
Neck is kinda high, Maybe fill those arms in so he doesn't look armless. Cape looks like it needs a good dirtying.
Cool overall.

supa troop

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This is a bust right? and not your costume.

:lol: Yes this is definately just a Bust that i display at some UK Garrison Events.

Why, do you think it could pass as a costume??

Forgot to mention that the cape does indeed need to be dirtied up, i havent got round to reading the tutorial on how to do that yet.

Thanks for the replies so far


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Looks really good. The only sugestion in addition to the ones already posted is adding the "yellow" battle damage to your chest armor, collar and ab plates.