Improved Fett Bust

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Not sure if this is the right place for this.....

Thought i would share with you the Improved fett Bust ive been working on.

Gone is the Horrible DP96,New is the ammo belt and Chest Armour.

Just need to source a new Flight Suit add shoulder Studs and get a Girth Belt and its Virtually done.

In the new year i plan to work on and finish a back pack that i have

your comments are more than welcome

This is a bust right? and not your costume.
Neck is kinda high, Maybe fill those arms in so he doesn't look armless. Cape looks like it needs a good dirtying.
Cool overall.
This is a bust right? and not your costume.

:lol: Yes this is definately just a Bust that i display at some UK Garrison Events.

Why, do you think it could pass as a costume??

Forgot to mention that the cape does indeed need to be dirtied up, i havent got round to reading the tutorial on how to do that yet.

Thanks for the replies so far
Looks really good. The only sugestion in addition to the ones already posted is adding the "yellow" battle damage to your chest armor, collar and ab plates.
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