I'm so stoked!

Lord Maul

I finally got around to going to the Model Railroad store in my area (supposed to be the world's largest) with the Rogue Studios ESB paint scheme list in my head and found that they have every single color for all the armor and helmet! And the best part is I don't even have to drive it's within walking distance!;)

This totally makes my day after a crappy week!:D
Braggers. We have snot for hobby shops down here in Miami. And the only one reasonably close to me hasn't stocked Floquil/Polly-S for probably 20 years. Yipee.

Man that sucks! I just decided to go in there today on a whim as I was driving around with my girlfriend (A fellow costumer!:D ) And so we went. I had to ask where their paints were though, as I hadn't been ther for several years!:eek: D'OH! I could always check prices if anyone would be interested. I mean it's not like it's far!;)
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