Idea for a scratchbuilt ...Dome first

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I had always thought the outline of the helmet looked familiar. Then it dawned on me. It looked alot like a GI steel pot cut down. A steelpot is the helmet that US soldiers wore from WWII through to I think Grenada. I got one today and cut it around the base. It still needs more trimming, but it is very close to the outline. If needed, a bit of hammershaping could really dress it up. After cutting, it resembled a British paratrooper helmet from WWII. Could this have been the base for the original? Check the link for a pic;
It looks close. Of course I can't tell until you attach the armor to yourself again and put the pot on your head ;)

It might help also to bang it with a wooden spoon while wearing it ;)

But it does look like it could work. I'm sure Nathan or Hand-Schaub could tell better than me though,

And Tyler's opinion is always good :)

That's really along the lines of what I was thinking awhile back. I gathered pics of all kinds of helmets looking for the right taper and profile. Right now, I've got a motorcycle helmet dome that will eventually become a Fett helmet.
Hmmm....we talked about it in chat tonight, and I opined that perhaps a dome/crown was pulled from an existing military helmet. They did seem to use alot of WWII surplus stuff, ....why not a Para Helmet?
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