I need some advice on this DP97 Helmet. PICTURES


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Ok, so I've had this old Don Post 1997 helmet laying around somewhere in my closet. I pulled it out and i wanted to modify it to look some what "Screen Accurate". I know that the MS and Mystery Helmets are the best but, this is what i have.

I've tried to take some of the old paint off.(As you can see) But nothing really seems to work! GOT ANY IDEAS????
Also, I cut out the old visor to put a new one in...which i still need!
The origional Range Finder and stem broke after being in my closet..so i contacted Richie at http://www.richiesarmor.com and got a resin one for FREE! Its kind of bent but it'll work out!

If you have any ideas that you think would help me out, Please tell me!

Thanks A LOT!

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for the paint you can either sand it down a little and paint over it or primer it. but you dont have to sand it all off. as for the visor use a dark green weldig visor from here rjsafety.com i found the link at tk4409s web site. if you havent found his web site yet its here: www.tk409.com he has tons of use full information on boba and other star wars caracter costumes. hope that helps!! and welcome to tdh :)


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The green visor is accurate to the esb helmet but smoked is accurate to the rotj helmet. I prefer the smoked one in either case, is doesn't mess with my eyesight as much. You're going to need to flare it and make the dome a bit more rounded. For rounding the dome the easiest fix would be to drill some holes in the top of it and use fine strand fiberglass re-enforced bondo to the top of it and sand it to shape. I tried heating it and rounding it more but it's more work than it's worth.