I invite you to my new Star Wars collectibles review/discussion YouTube page!


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Hey everyone!
I hope this is acceptable to post here, so here goes.
I recently created my own YouTube page, called WOOKIE'S UNCLE, to use for the purpose of discussing, displaying, and interacting with others who share a love of collecting Star Wars items.

I personally tend to gravitate toward helmets and lightsabers for my "high end" stuff, but I love talking about anything and everything Star Wars, and of course, cool and unique Sci Fi stuff as well.
I am a huge 90s SciFi fan, and hopefully am not the only one who wishes The Sci-Fi tv channel was still intact as it originally was! : (

My own personal collection isn't all that big at the moment, and I am not planning on making an addition to my house for more things, but I am always interested in what goes on out in the collecting community.
Please, feel free to share any thoughts, information, corrections ( if I misspeak or am inaccurate about something ), share your collections, etc.
I am not looking to buy/sell/trade anything using this site, so no financial purposes or motivation is involved here.
Just good old Star Wars and SciFi stuff!
Cya there!


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I think The Sarlacc Pit is an appropriate place for such a conversation! I like the intro, well done! Looking forward to seeing more of your pieces. I like that you talk about face lifting other pieces and I enjoyed your busted '95 Boba Fett Don Post reincarnation you did last year! As you may or may not recall I also have a '95 Don Post that I'm meaning to get a new facelift to. I will be hopefully starting that this fall. (Just too many projects at the moment - BUT I will get to it this year)

Again, looking forward to your updates as you progress!
:cool: (y)



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Subbed to your channel, and had a blast from the past. Those Star Wars story books brought me back ! I don't think I had Jedi but ANH and ESB were dog eared. I must have flipped through them for hours taking in my favorite characters. And as you said , it was the only way to revisit to the galaxy far far away. I'm in to collecting busts and 1:8- 1:4 scale statues . I have an addiction to bounty hunters and Sith Lords!