I got *censored* so I began my own helmet...Pic HEAVY


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Here we are... this is the basics... sorry no previous pics, and Ill go into explainin how I did it after I get it done.. lol. This is just after measuring and cutting the cardboard, and sealing it to the plastic bowl.


This is after adding the extra layer of cardboard for the mandibles.


more detailed piccy


tell me what you think, ill try to take and upload more as I go, Iam hoping to finish and start paintin in roughly 1 hour. Yes it looks like Jango.. but thats just because the flash made it look silver and the blue masking tape is well.. blue. It will be ESB Boba Fett.
Heres the view finder I spent sooooo long on. (roughly 10 mins)


Is made of, you guessed it! 2 Pink Pearl erasers cut and bonded together with, Stik 'n Seal waterproof adhesive, wich is like crazy glue on crack, and it bonds poly plastics.

By the way, Gimme some feed back on this people, its made in a hurry, and just for haloween, I dont expect it to win any convention prizes or anything, just look decent as I walk around in the dark tomarrow night.
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Primed now



pics taken outside.. in the dark.. at 12 25 am my time.. lol.. sorry for bad images, now to base coat
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You did an amazing job considering your time frame . . .And considering this was an eleventh hour project . . .On the flip side - - -it would have been nice if your helemet would have shown up before Halloween.

I am sure one day we will all look and laugh at this chain of events and all of us will see you with the most impressive Fett suit!
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whew.. didnt think I was going to make it. WARNING always paint in a well ventilated area, a window open and a fan on is NOT WELL VENTELATED, also remember to keep the product painted in that area until the fumes die down... I am so suffering from that... anyway, pics up.


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alright I fell asleep, but I got some more done now.


remember its just for haloween, and outta cardboard and a punch bowl thing.
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Heres the "finalized" haloween version, it was taken after haloween so .. ironically during the rain and "attack of the tree wars" the ""weathereing"" came off... lol.




Its rather interesting how the yellow came out.. its the same yellow i used for my knees, but i sprayed Rit Cocoa brown dye onto the helm, then lightly coated with the spray paint, then more cocoa brown, it made a rather interesting weathered look, when I wiped down the excess brown, parts of the yellow came, makin it look how it does.. The range finder connector is a piece of aluminum, the same stuff i used to make my toe spike piece, just cut and fit and glued into the helmet. I think it turned out pretty well considering I have never painted/weathered or done anything like this before... and considering its made with under 10 dollars of stuff, I think its well worth it.. heh. The T visor is plastic i moulded, with limo dark tenting on it inside there is a circular device to help hold it on better, made of cardboard and secured with the stik n seal glue and masking tape. The fumes nearly killed me so make sure you ventilate this thing during its painting and afterwards for a long time, dizziness in the dark while trying to trick or treat, without being able to see through the mask makes a lot of "boba falls" .
Thanks for the communications, Iam going to open a post somewere it belongs of my finished haloween version of the suit, with me in it of course.
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And here I am in my Haloween version of my suit, hehe hope I get some feedback on this, please ask questions, Ill explain how I did anything your curious about, and in great detail if you need, all was put together in 2 weeks, some was purchased. Thank you all for your time.


Note: I know the colors are a bit off, i know the thigh pouches are undone (came undone at the party) I know that some things are mis shaped, and theres a heavy lack of detail on the entire outfit, and to boot, the capes is niehter ESB or ROTJ but a mixed unique version I accidently made..
It comes to my attention, that I need to thank several People, one being lilburndiablo for the helmet idea, he suggested a punch bowl and things to help me out, and I went out to buy what I could, since it took 8 hours, the last 8 hours of my time before I went to the party. Another is Rimshot, for the base jumpsuit and vest and shoes, I modified them all to fit me accourdingly and will be doing some rework on them. Some of the pouches and things arent in the proper spot when I wear the suit, and I added the entire aluminum and toe spikes to shoes, even though you cant really see them, Thanks to you all. The chest armor was made of a trash can, and the shoulders I think were too, its in a box right now... heh... moving soon again.
Awww Gee Shucks Man! Ya don't have ta thank me . . . .

Awww Geeeeeee Man....

Kissker . . . .Once again . . . .With your time frame you went above and beyond

welcome to TDH.
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