I cant fit in my helmet anymore :(

darth billy

New Hunter
Ive got a dp 96 completly modded the big one not the crappy kind.

My problum is my nose grew and I just cant fit into it anyone know of a bigger helmet I can wear ?

That depends on how friendly you are..
And how big your....Pocket book is.
Seriously, what are you looking to lay down for this and how much work are you willing to do on it?
Your nose grew? Stop lieing then!

Well it seems that most every fiberglass helmet is bigger than a dp95/96, even the DP deluxe fiberglass is alot bigger. I'd say look around here till you see a helmet you like. most likely if its fiberglass it will be larger than a DP vinyl helmet.
Or... if you are a bit handy you could always extend the helmet a bit. Cut the Helmet in half behind the ear pieces with a saw. Take a 2inch wide strip of Sintra, Pleiglas or pvc and heat it until it fits the inside curve of the helmet. Score half an inch off each side of the strip. Score half an inch on the inside of the helmet. Put some of your favourite glue on the strip and glue to two halvs of the helmet on the two sides of the strip. You have now extended your helmet with one inch. After the glue has dried you can fill the trench with bondo or what ever putty you feel like. Sand it down and re-paint. Easy as pesto..!

just an idea anyway..
Your nose's hitting the visor? Glue a very thick piece of foam in the inside front of your bucket, so that your head touches the back (where the key slots are). That should keep your nose away from the visor.
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Maybe I should consider a mystery one then.

I dont want to hack up my helmet I put to much time into it looks just like the picture from star wars to indiana jones book.

I reamber what a great fit it was last year when I worked on it.Im glade my nose grew makes me look better.


p.s.If anyone has a mystery or anything bigger can you please pm me with info?
I cant help it my nose grew last year when I first joined this bored I could fit into it with no problum now my nose just gets in the way.:lol:

Anyway I hope to find one that can fit thats in my price range.

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